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Doctor Lip Bang's

Cedarwood - Vegan Beard & Stache Oil

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CEDARWOOD ☆ Increase Strength ☆ Soften Coarse Hair ☆ Shine ☆ Repair Damage ☆ Hydrate ☆ Increase Volume If you’re going to grow a beard, grow a damn good one. Strong and unbreakable. It ain’t how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can be hit and still get up. Be a man who can take a knockdown and still come out swinging. From the boardroom to breakroom, you were born to win. Every champion is a contender who refused to give up. Eat lightning. Crap thunder. Be a winner. Have the best beard because that’s who you are. INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, apply to clean and dry facial hair. Apply 3-4 pumps into your palm and spread evenly with your palms and fingers. Distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard. Don’t forget the sides too! 1.93 fl.oz.